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Thursday, 2 August 2012

Message to the Voting Cattle - Larken Rose

I agree with everything here I just wish I had written it. Fabulous and genius. We are so indoctrinated we forget that we are not free. Enjoy.

This video is a US-version of the video "Nachricht an das Stimmvieh", produced by, a german group of bloggers and activists. focuses on voluntarism and the philosophy of freedom. 

The "rulers" actually don't matter. They are vastly outnumbered by the people like you and me. The problem is those who legitimate the "rulers" with their votes, remaining silent when the "rulers" commit evils in their names. 

Most of them do not feel bad about that. Many of them even cheer and applaude to their "rulers" and they defend the crimes they commit. 

Larken Rose is looking for answers to this absurd behavior and blames the concept of authority. From early childhood most people are conditioned to listen to authority when they try to figure out what is right and what is wrong instead of listening to their own hearts, their own conscience and their own moral values.

As adults they see everyone as a „good person" who blindly obeys any random authority. And in their pursuit of becoming such a „good person" they will use every means. In particular they love to oppose violently against those who stand up for true freedom. 

Larken Rose sums it up in one sentence: 
„The problem is not those in power, the problem is right between your ears." 

The speech in this video is an excerpt of the novel "The Iron Web" by Larken Rose. 

Saturday, 31 March 2012

RESPECT for George Galloway

George Galloway Savages SKY NEWS

Congratulations to George Galloway on his election victory in BradfordWest on the 29th March 2012. I have compiled these videos for people to listen to his message. This is historic and hopefully the start that will challenge the establishment and reinvent politics. If George can get organised nationwide and gather men and women of integrity then a true challenge to the political establishment and murderous corrupt system dictated by the banks, corporations and mainstream media can become a reality.  

Bradford West Victory Speech

Even if you do not agree with everything or even anything that George stands for, it is vital in politics that there is always a voice that objects to aggression and oppressive behaviour against other nations. Not particularly because those nations represent ideologies that do not necessarily represent our 'democratic' way of life and not particularly because we are taught through our media to fear 'difference', but because when we are discussing the strategic strikes and bombing of countries, we miss the point that these are real people, with real lives, with real families involved with real pain and emotion and death. And because these people have nothing to do with what the leaders of each country decide.

George Galloway ambushed by Andrew Neill

George Galloway's epic rant against Rupert Murdoch

Our 'democratic' nations always have to question the motives and rationale behind going to war. It is important that men and women like George stand up without fear of reprisal and even ridicule, to inform the nation of the underlying reasons and historical knowledge behind political decision making. These are the educators who help us balance and make sense of our world. A job that the mainstream media should do but do not because they are corporate led and were bought up by the banks decades ago. 

George Galloway on Young Voters Question Time

George Galloway Vs The US Senate (Full Video)

George champions inequality and injustice and does so in plain English and hard truths. He refuses to suffer the fools and sneaks within the media and is so sharp and astute that when interviewed he is unlikely to be silenced or deflected away from his message. People like George play a valuable part in showing up issues that are reported on with bias and corporate interest to provide us with the alternative and often   'just' argument. 

George Galloway on Tony Blair

George lost his position in the Labour Party for doing just this. For questioning an unjust Iraq war and calling Tony Blair to task for following the 'warmongers' of America, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld. This war under the pretence that Iraq had nuclear weapons and proven wrong after the dust had settled on thousands of dead Iraqis and the forced return of the Iraq economy from the Euro to the 'Petrodollar', which was the true reason for the war. 

George Galloway on Sky News giving them what for over Cuba

In my opinion, George can be a little too extreme in his rhetoric to say the least, which of course puts off potential supporters and can be damaging to his credibility. I love that he does go for the jugular and although recognising his superior knowledge over the Middle East and other subjects, he may over cook it at times. I believe this is holding him and his message back with would be voters and by being more subtle could also win him more supporters inside government and the media too. However, I very much admire the passionate integrity he has, which certainly inspires me if not the masses. This is not unlike Ron Paul in the U.S., who although much milder in delivery has been ridiculed and marginalised in the media for years regarding his passionate libertarian message. 

George Galloway vs Christopher Hitchins (Full Debate)

My only disappointment is that George is not a Ron Paul supporter. I understand his reasons and respect that. George is a socialist and Ron Paul is a Conservative. George advocates for a nationalised health system and welfare system, whereas Ron Paul believes that the welfare system encourages lethargy and lack of freedom and choice. On this they are poles apart. I agree with George on this too. I believe the government should assist it's people from circumstances that are unfair. However both are against unjust wars and the corrupt reasons for going to war. I am inspired by both men because of their intelligence  and understanding of corruption throughout an establishment that promotes 'crony capitalism' and 'false democracy'. They both see through and show up the government/corporate led media machine and the 'spoon-fed fear-mongering' which encourages people to support military action against innocent people of certain cultures.

War With Iran By George Galloway (Must Watch)

Iran is not a punchbag

Despite the media's efforts to suggest otherwise, George Galloway does not support any Middle East despot dictator. I believe conditions and alienation has pushed his rhetoric to appear more extreme alongside media interest which pigeon hole their questions and opinion. He simply believes the UK and US and NATO should not intervene in the internal struggles of other countries through 'strategic bombing' that kills many more innocent lives than anything else. Particular as there is an imbalance over the countries Western Democracy wishes to 'protect'. George Galloway believes in diplomacy and will put himself on the front line to conduct those talks, just as the Muslim Muhammed Ali did. Nobody attacked Muhammed for doing so.  

Good Luck George, your voice in parliament is required. 

Friday, 30 December 2011

Re: Occupy London: Why They Are Wasting Their Time?

Occupy London:Are they wasting their time?

“All over the globe people are rising up and demanding their rights in a worldwide rally of discontent as protests inspired by the occupywall street movement spread around the world, see what is happening in OccupyLondon.

Occupy London invited ex-investment banker Simon Dixon to address the crowd and give some forecasts on the future of banking, his perpective on what needs reforming, the consequences of our current system and how to implement the reforms. Occupy London were shocked by what came out.”

Here is a guy who backs up much of the information I have spoken about numerous times in my blogs. See below:

In shorthand, there is a depression ahead. There is more debt in the world than there is money. Every pound/dollar borrowed is another pound/dollar carrying interest. The system is completely flawed and has been for over a century. This is also why the Eurozone will eventually fail and why there is a real danger of a world war. If you have savings in one of the major banks,now is the time to pull it out and put it somewhere safe. Somewhere that isn’t gambling current account savings, such as a local savings and loan or co-operative. Life is about to change. How bad depends on what happens next.

I admire the Occupy group for its efforts to wake people up. I believe it is having a better effect in America than it is over here in the UK. I do think that the message gets diluted and stereotyping hasn’t helped them. I would love to seem them collectively get behind Ron Paul now. He might not appeal to them on all issues but he is the only hope they have, the world has, of an America that is honest and respected again. He is the only candidate advocating peace and to end of corruption practices in government. Ron Paul will reduce spending and government intervention. Isn't that appealing to the Occupy movement?

If you follow my blogs this is one of the main reasons I have my eyes firmly routed to the American presidential elections coming up in November 2012. I feel that America have very dangerous, deceitful and corrupted leaders and establishments and their government especially is based on greed, self interest and how to sustain their crooked system. This is why Republican representatives will not even back their own candidate, Ron Paul, because he will not endorse the lies and will expose this abusive government. Republican runners would prefer Obama for another term rather than lose their corrupt system. Under the current administration, war and overspending is inevitable to continue and a major world war is becoming more and more feasible.

This is why I fully back Ron Paul for president. I am not a conservative myself  but he is the only person who is insistent on pulling all military out of the Middle East, ending the Federal Reserve and doing away with legislation that allows the government to arrest, detain and even assassinate anybody without trial. He is against FEMA, Patriot Act, NDAA and SOPA, legislation disguised to look as if they protect Americans but is set up to control and oppress America.  America is a fascist country now and the American people need to wake up and see what the rest of the world are seeing. If anybody other than Ron Paul represents the Republicans or if Obama is still in power after November 2012, then I worry that if a world war hasn’t already begun, then it will be a serious consideration.

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Saturday, 17 December 2011

(President) Ron Paul - A Real Breath of Fresh Air

In 2011 the world has probably witnessed more public disorders and demonstrations against their governments than at any other time in living memory, particular within the 'western world'. Everywhere we look there has been turmoil. People around the world, at home and abroad, are demonstrating over the direct or indirect capitalist-corporate interventions that are causing corruption and ruining economies and lives. There is a feeling of revolution to the social-economic structure of the western world because it simply does not work. The people are taking issue over corruption and greed that feeds the elite 1% throughout our more 'civilised nations'. That's not to say every rich man is a bad greedy person, but policy always favour their position at the detriment of the middle and working class. The future prospects appear to be getting worse and we appear to be heading towards historic global depression. Forget Republicans and Democrats. These two models of political persuasion are too similar now to throw up any realistic alternative option. Ill-feeling towards inequality and corruption has now become a worldwide outcry and pursuit of fairness is bigger than the bunch of middle ground self-serving elitist that run the governments year in and year out.

 In the US more currency from the Federal Reserve is pumped into the economy to create an artificial ease while actually debasing the dollar further against other markets. People have watched banks collapse through mismanagement and mis-selling of mortgage debt, along with bad acquisition investments and the like. These banks are then bailed out using the public purse. The public continually endure downturns, artificial inflation and recession. All the while pensions are scrutinized and effectively altered meaning people work longer, pay more and get less. Unemployment and homelessness increases and more and more people are defaulting on their debts. Thereafter the public observe as bank bonuses of millions are then paid out to the fat-cat dream-sellers who ruined the economy for their own individual gains. Meanwhile Corporations exploit, extort and put more burden on public funds (not least environmental 'accidents' such as oil spillages). Overseas many people are used as slaves for food or meagre pay, in order to continue feeding the commercialism funded by Western companies. These people live in poverty and/or live in war torn countries that are attributed back to the US and other western powers. All the products are imported and consumed back to the West for over inflated prices.

The banking effect, greedy acquisitions, corporate monopoly and failed economic models ripple across Europe. The UK have decided to distance itself from the debt juggling Eurozone. The EU itself is looking very weak, as more and more countries' economies try to work out why this capitalism which is based on debt and overspending and a hundred years on since moving away from money that is based on a valuable resource like gold,  doesn't work.  There is little doubt in my mind, that sooner or later economies have no option other than to default on debts and collapse financially. Bailing out a country's overspending, causes resentment and will distribute debt elsewhere. When it does all collapse will the US be bailing Europe's banks out or will bankers simply 'disappear' along with their debts? Will Europe split over over extravagance and dumping debts onto each other? Will there be the beginning a new 'cold war' through sanctions and blockades? Those social commentators, politicians and economist who have been saying this for years and treated as oddballs, communist and anarchist may be proven correct after all.

 Then there are the unnecessary wars and conflict all adding to unmanageable debt. Opposition to oppression in more militarized countries is rife and the US seem obsessed with being the 'World Police' in order to continually justify overspending. Troops are sent to occupy countries (if they have resources of any value) at a cost of trillions of dollars. The idea of terrorism is continually sold to the public without much substance to justify wars that do not need to be fought. They leave Iraq no better off today than it was 10 years ago. They are now eager to focus on Iran and Pakistan. North Korea may also be a new flavour now Kim Jong-il has died and by moving more troops to Australia, the American 'World Police' are sending out a clear message to the new super power of the world, China.

So why vote at all? I have no sway towards any politician of any political persuasion. In fact, I tend to feel that all politicians are corrupt, if not at first, then later. I am not subject to influence over reason. I have not delved into presidential candidates histories too much other than archive YouTube videos and newspaper articles. I am English and have no input in the US election process.  I have observed all candidates from afar and on face value during the Republican debates. I've heard arguments for all the Republican candidates and have sensed 'the air around them' and I can tell you now. Rick Perry stinks! What is that? A joke? The man cannot even string a sentence together without an autocue or a drink. I am embarrassed watching somebody so clueless, so uninformed and in such a dangerously high position of power. He continually struggles to articulate because he doesn't know what he is saying. He is constantly reaching to the recesses in his mind. Furthermore he should be in prison for having that innocent man executed. Running for office? How? I haven't seen a bigger puppet since George.W.Bush. Wow, can you imagine what a conversation between him and George would be like. I don't know but I watched "Step Brothers" last night and two immature grown-ups talking nonsense fits well.

Hmm, now I'm thinking of "Dumb and Dumber". Nevermind... moving on. The attached Ron Paul videos on this blog are examples of why I finally decided to stick my neck out and say, "America. Here is your man." Isn't it about time America had someone in the office who is a Realist. Someone who is honest. Someone who isn't afraid to tell the truth. Someone who actually understands the rules of economics and how a 100 years of overspending has finally caught up with the Western world.  Do you know why this man flows when he speaks? It's because he knows what he is talking about and believes in what he says. He's being honest about who he is, what matters and what doesn't matter. This man doesn't speak in sound-bites he tells you how it is in plain English. He speaks from the heart and has a very realistic take on life. Ron Paul is radical and it's refreshing. He too, along with Occupy protesters, sees the Federal Reserve as illegal and the cause of much of America's troubles. When I first heard of this guy condemning the 'Fed', I fully expected to see the usual politician, hitting the right buttons, jumping on the bandwagon, just before an election. None of it! Ron Paul has been saying it for years.

Another Ron Paul policy is to recall all the troops around the world and to look after the US's own country. The US have around 900 bases in approximately 130 different countries spending trillions of dollars. Why does America think it's rightful place is to police the world when they aren't even looking after their own people properly. Don't get me wrong, if a country is carrying out atrocities; if they incite or threaten peaceful countries; if they are at war creating human rights crimes, then they should be stopped. However, we already have the forces for dealing with that. It's called the United Nations and NATO. Used correctly, this army can ebb or flow depending on requirement using the military from all nations who are signed into it. Why do the US, UK and other nations need to deviate from what is a fairer and legal representation of 'World Police'. In addition to bringing home the troops, Paul would get rid of Income Tax. Why complain about that? He will shred bureaucracy into ribbons and allow the individual to do as they please. This obviously comes with the consequence that you have to look after yourself. This is true liberty and freedom, not just a great speech, a real opportunity to have these things. That he can answer to a difficult subject like cannabis so eloquently and honestly, is quite frankly refreshing and testimony to his ideals of lessening government intervention and in reflection to his work as a physician. Working in the health industry myself, I have never treated a patient who overdosed on cannabis. Any health issue cannabis may throw up at all, pales into insignificance to alcohol. The health service we pay for and enjoy in the UK is vastly overwhelmed by the people who do not look after themselves.

I consider myself  more Socialist than Conservative. Before this year I didn't know Ron Paul had ever run for office before and I had never even heard of him. America have done a great job of hiding him away over the years. Yet here he is, telling everybody straight, and he has been consistently telling it straight for years. What I don't understand is why Americans haven't been listening to him? Why was he marginalised so much? Even without the 'propaganda' news channels trying to censor the guy, surely most of his policies make sense? There are huge motivations for Americans to vote for Ron Paul. To start off with, getting rid of the illegal 'Fed', FEMA and other bureaucratic government departments. America becomes a more peaceful nation and I, along with many others, believe much of the tension around the world would diminish; American and other nations' soldiers and citizens, no longer die needless deaths; diplomacy around the world would create better trade lines; there would be less tax to pay and wages would fall in line with inflation; the economy would dip immediately but recover quicker than continuing with the present 'debt capital' system; there would be less options for government and banks to manipulate money and cause artificial 'booms' followed by devastating 'busts' and furthermore there would be a reduction of government intervention in markets and on how people live their life.

On balance, Ron Paul is not the 'nut' those in opposition and living in fear paint him out to be. He is a very intelligent, informed and outwardly spoken man. He also appears very approachable, open and honest. To me he should make a very credible president. I would hope, although I doubt, that the 'corruption parasites' that will gather around him, never manage to manipulate him if he is ever elected into office. I hope support for him keeps rolling along and that the mockers and censors are left embarrassed by their denial of a truly inspiring man. I just wish he'd run as an independent and move from old fashioned, labelled party persuasions.  My only worry that the power-crazy warmongering Americans will shut him up in the same way they have done to other peacekeepers and free thinkers. Good Luck Ron and get that defence home quick. You may need it.

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Thursday, 1 December 2011

Eurozone? It was always designed to fail!

Why do the leaders of the banks and the governments continually shuffle about with fear over the Eurozone? It is designed to fail and these are intelligent men and women who know this. Separatism or defaulting is inevitable. Even if they do cut bankers bonuses and dividends it's far too late. It's been too late for 54 years, long before the 'Eurozone' concept was even created. When the European Union(EU) joined together in 1957, (under the ECSC and EEC) it was under the précis of co-operation and unity to develop a federation and nuclear energy. Over the years it grew from 6 countries to 27 depending on economy and other stipulations. The European Monetary Union(EMU) was created to form a single currency for 17, of the now 27, countries within EU. Standing together, there was even consideration to create a United States of Europe to rival America.

Strip away the smoke and mirrors and you see a union simply juggling debts across Europe. Incidentally, the American model of capitalism is not something to be emulated. It is to be condemned as a failure and they have the advantage of language and culture on their side. In short, it doesn't matter how you label yourself or how many currencies circulate. Capitalism is always going to fail. Look at this simplistic example: I live on an island with a banker who writes money and a trader who only takes money. I borrow £100 for supplies. The bank will want back £100 plus interest of £10 for lending it to me. Recognising my debt, if I decide to dig in and give the bank its £100 back, I already owe the bank debt I cannot repay (only the bank writes money from nothing). So instead, I ignore my debt and go for growth. I spend the £100 then borrow more to continually pay for my supplies and my debt. Regardless whether I end up working for the trader or the bank, or start my own banana fuel business or lay about watching the sunset, debt has been created and can never be paid off. This seemingly perpetual motion continues until the debt is so huge that the bank will no longer lend, until I pay it off. Trading stops. With no way of creating money or paying off the impossible debt, I have no choice but to default. But...then what will happen..?

Throughout history there are periods of growth as well as periods of decline. Every decade it's a question of balancing the two and how long each period will last for. To simplifying this, so it's understood, when there is growth, politicians, economist and financiers get patted on the back, businesses thrive, employers employ, products get made and people spend. Then there follows a period of decline, the cost of living rises from all that borrowing, demand and spending, businesses can no longer sell products at premium, employers have to lay off employees and we end up having a 'credit crunch'. The nicely flowered up word to describe financial stagnation and recessions.

This is the thing. When the economy declines the government simply has two choices. Borrow money from banks or dig in to pay off debt. So which is the correct thing to do? The answer is neither. This is a no-win situation because debts grows year on year regardless. This is the fundamental flaw with capitalism. We are observing the results of a social-economic system failing on a global scale and coming into fruition after years in the making. The economy can only grow through borrowing a huge amount of money. When the economy rides the growth wave on the back of borrowing, it simultaneously has to repay the money it borrows whilst borrowing more. Money always accumulates interest (the fees for borrowing it in the first place) and therefore debt is shuffled, transferred, suffered or hidden continually and the value of money diminishes.

If the economy digs in for too long then money simply runs out trying to pay back those debts. People DO lose homes and end up impoverished because of this. So therefore short term, continual borrowing is the only way to sustain the economy until the banks stop lending altogether. After some time you have a situation like Greece. The nation needed bailing out for the 'cavalier' way they ran the economy. When the crisis hit they simply threw their hands in the air and asked 'What can you do?' In hindsight they were smart. The Greeks understand economics. They joined the Eurozone with hidden debts knowing that debt is a juggling game. It is impossible to pay off debts so it's better stacking them up and getting the Eurozone to pay for it. They have twice been bailed out now and still look likely to default. The plan? Shuffling their debts across Europe of course.

The European Union is a debt juggling exercise that ebbs and flows. Greece is the tip of the iceberg. Ireland joined with no debts but now have to bear the brunt along with countries who are more frivolous. If more countries understanding of economics is that bank debts are impossible to pay off there will surely be more transferrals or defaulting to come. Argentina did this and are now much happier but then they are part of a different trading circle. Italy, Spain and Portugal are all getting closer to defaulting finally ending up with what? Break up of the Eurozone? Banishment of failing countries followed by - sanctions? Then as we know from history, distrust, propaganda, suspicion, paranoia and trumped up hostilities as required.

War is usually enacting because of required resources, finance and/or territorial advantage. What's that you say? I'm forgetting Religion, Terrorism, Humanitarian crimes. Not at all, these reasons are how we are sold war. It's smoke and mirrors backed by media owned by the same money changers as governments. These reasons are distractions from truth. Just as the threat against Iran is not about a nuclear process that has been running since the 1950's but their rejection of the dollar as the currency of trade. Incidentally the same reason why Iraq and Libya were crushed.

Where does it leave us in the UK. No one has mentioned separatism, but who knows. You heard it here first. Come back in a decade. Separatism reduces our risk to other countries economic failures(or wisdoms) but also isolates us leaving us vulnerable to trade embargoes and the like. Nevertheless, it doesn't reduce our inevitable and continual rising debts and borrowings. Ultimately, banks flooding the market with currency would mean our pound is worth virtually nothing and the banks collapse or are forced to stop lending. Therefore we either swim alone and drowned or we swim together... and drowned.

Capitalism is doomed to fail. The rich and greedy individuals only accelerates this inevitable conclusion. The Eurozone and EU can keep sticking tape over the holes but eventually it will sink, because the model they work under cannot work. Remember if all the debt in the whole world was paid off there would be no money in circulation and we'd all still be in debt. This is fact.

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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

So what are you angry about?

These are the rantings of an angry man!!!

I am sick to death of how we are all taken for a ride by corrupted governments, greedy bankers and overtly self-promoting corporations.

I am staggered by the corruption, conspiracies, legalised theft and lies that are common.

I'm amazed at how cruel capitalism is and how it creates poverty and death.

I detest all racism, discrimination and bullying

I'm perplexed by ridiculous laws telling people how to live.

I am sickened by the reasons for war and how we all just join in.

I detest the inappropriate level of advertising and commercialism.

I am fed up of insurance companies that will rob you blind and give little back.

I am tired of energy companies and other services ruining our environment.

I loathe 0845 numbers and all their exploiting sister numbers.

I'm baffled by the inhumanity and backwardness of all religion.

I'm pissed off with viruses and malware being inserted on my computer.

I hate the media and all its bias, lies and misleading reporting.

I couldn't give a damn about spoilt celebrities or made up soap drama and trash TV.

and finally and most of all...

I am frustrated by us, the people who allow all this to happen.

So what are you angry about?

Friday, 18 November 2011

The Incredibly Persuasive Wizard of Oz

"There's no place like home, there's no place like home..."

I consider myself semi-intelligent. I had a moderately good education. When it comes to sociology, politics, philosophy, economics or pragmatism, I am mostly self taught. Particularly as any teaching I did have on these subjects often focussed too much on individual theories and came from an angle, which was gobbledegook to me (great word).

Therefore I do not have an intricate knowledge of consumerism or all the economical rules to a finite level. Nor do I know the policies for banking and politics. I don't understand the red tape within the legal systems or its loopholes. Nor do I need to and nor am I supposed to. Let's face it a lot of these things are put in to baffle the average man into submission. It is all just smoke and mirrors. However don't let this dissuade you from getting involved. We do not need the over-educated pomposity to grasp a generalisation of right from wrong. We need only to be conscious of the world around us. We need only to be aware and to support our understanding through balanced objective information.

For all my understanding of world history, there is an undeniable and sinister link between all things; religion, politics, war, poverty and social economics. As I go through life educating myself on the ways of the world, I cannot help but be continually astonished at just how corrupt the ruling class really are. I have developed the holistic view of the ruling classes having limited conscience when it comes to limitless corruption, in order to acquire more and more power. I recognise that I am explicitly lied to and exploited by successive governments, advertising, business, religion and media, in order that I remain submissive to their needs.

But that isn't my focus for this rant.

Many of us do recognise that there is injustice and inequality in our world and that banks, corporations and the government achieve all manner of immorality, in a never ending quest for capital, acquisition and power. However, nothing angers me more than the absolute acceptance, the sheer ignorance, the ironical mocking or the complete apathy towards all these things by the people living it. The strongest supporter of capitalist oppression. YOU!

The absolute truth is this. The real power in the world belongs to the people. By sheer weight of numbers the people can overthrow governments, social structures, religions, etc. In fact any system the people disagree with can be opposed and got rid of. The people can do this through active protest and demonstration. Or they can do this by simply not participating. People power has at times shaped policy and rhetoric.

For the good it did, look at the short term success the boycotting of petrol pumps had when people stood together at grass roots level. I use this example because we can empathise with this and recognise our own dissatisfaction. I'd discuss people-power in the Middle East and how revolutions have overthrown governments but many of you may dismiss this as anarchic, militant or maybe even just get bored and stop reading.

Most cultures know the story of 'The Wizard of Oz'. You can either take this as a mad, meaningless story and on face value or you can question the thinking behind the book by Frank L. Baum in 1900. Some say it was a snipe at the rich who wanted to add silver to the gold standard (yellow brick road). Others throughout the century have used to suit their timeline. I will allow you to do your own research into the history of the story and the implied references. If you got this far you possibly will.  Indeed you can still use it today as an allegory for many subjects. For my blog it highlights people's reaction to the smoke and mirrors. So...

Dorothy represents the activist libertarians challenging the world and whisked off by a whirlwind of revolution. The witches represent political movements. The Wicked Witch of the East are the restraints to Liberty that have been opposed successfully (Communism). The Good Witch of the South (Libertarian Republican) encourages us to follow the yellow brick road (the route back to sound money) to find Oz (Fake Socialist) in Emerald City(Crony Capitalism, where they make money from thin air). She also gives us silver shoes (Money - They are silver shoes in the book :p). The Wicked Witch of the West is constantly throwing fear at us to try to stop our progress (Rival Republican). The final witch is not mentioned much at all (Possibly The Green party or the Loony party and all other marginal groups) - Give me a break, I'm making this up as I go along!

Along the yellow brick road we meet the general public! The Scarecrow (the manipulated and uneducated) The Tin Man (the uncaring, apathetic and passive) and The Cowardly Lion (those living in fear and who dare not question the law). We try to convince them to join us. As we get closer to our objective, Winged Monkeys (self regulating members of public, crony capitalist, media, police and military) keep attacking us to stop us from challenging the system. (Shut up they shout. Pah!)

We finally get to Emerald City and challenge the all powerful mighty Oz. With fear we ask for his help to bring back Liberty but he will not help us. Not unless we vote him back in, then he will gladly put our issues on his agenda. If we agree his rival The Wicked Witch of The West will melt away. We agree but on our return we discover that we've been lied to. We were manipulated to believe Oz is all powerful, but he isn't. He is self-serving, corrupt, weak and a greedy fat puppet run by Emerald cities bankers and corporations and keeps order by making us all live in fear. Dorothy, the voice of the people, demands Oz to grow a pair and help us. Ooh and this is the best bit...

Along with sentiment, sound-bites and well wishes, Oz hands out; A brain to the ignorant - 'made of bran, which he mixed with a great many pins and needles'; A heart to the apathetic - 'made entirely of silk and stuffed with sawdust'; Courage to the cowardly - 'A square green bottle of liquid???'

So basically, tokenistic changes to appease and yet have no real worth to us. Oz doesn't have anything real to give us but get this - EVERYBODY is happy! (Mr. Baum, you are so idealistic!)Or at least after all the demonstrations and objections and effort, nothing really changes and everyone settles back down. Even Dorothy who represents the Libertarian revolution is silenced by this illusion. Why? Not only because humans are corruptible and selfish or easily confused but because they generally given up. We get our dose of bullshit and are elevated into the vague clouds and go home. And Oz simply goes back to fooling everyone until the next Oz is voted in.

And the moral of the story is... There is one?

Even when people are provided with the truth and there is ample information providing it (9/11 and JFK, CIA and drugs, control policies, poverty through greed, lying media, banking that only creates debt, corruption within our financial system, illegal wars murdering millions of innocents etc., etc., etc.), the people will continually do nothing. The true power belongs to the people yet they do nothing and not because they can't organise themselves. The people are, The Scarecrow, The Tinman, The Cowardly Lion and the Winged Monkeys. They are passive, confused, uneducated, resistant, uncaring, apathetic, lazy, corrupt, violent and fearful. And those who do resist are also  corruptible, marginalised, brutalised, smeared or even got rid of  (shh). In any case people will continually fall for the illusions of Oz because he baffles the average man. It's all smoke and mirrors to help the rich stay rich. And that's what makes him so clever.

Ok  Breathe....calm, calm. Aaaaah. And rest.

Now. Did I mention Alice in Wonderland and Horton hears a Hoo? Well....

Monday, 14 November 2011

Open letter to the enemy of progression

Open letter to the enemy of progression

Updated 05/12/11: The videos below are not uncommon of a right wing view toward the Occupy movement. A movement that is beyond political persuasions and fights for social awareness, social conscience and a fairer system. My reply to these videos are set out  below in this blog. As yet I haven't received a reply.

I've written on some of your videos before but have brought my overall comment here, where it is easier to digest. Firstly though, I watched your videos and feel that your utter contempt for a certain social group(young, unemployed, overeducated socialists), is shrouding your view and blocking any real message you may want to deliver. It's also allowing you to avoid the actual message being brought forward. Please focus on the issues and not on a pointedly directed attack on some of the people conducting this movement through the Occupy protests. Many people supporting this movement are at home and not on the streets. We are not only, "young, unemployed, overeducated hipsters" but of all ages and cultures; employed and retired; working and middle class; and from many nations. We certainly do not fall into your narrow social categorizations in a crude attempt to stereotype this movement as socialist. Also the majority of supporters, probably 99% have not ever been down to the protests. This movement is worldwide, not just in your city and not just in the street. Please try to get beyond your political stance and your prejudice of who you believe is supporting this, because it will constantly cloud your opinion on the subject, leaving you unreasonable. Focus on the issues that are being discussed and make a fair argument against it, if that is your wish .................
Some of your points are interesting. I do agree with some of what you say regarding corporations and  commercialism. To my understanding this is a movement in its infancy and needs more direction. I believe the Vietnam movement took 3 years to really get organised before 50% of the country were behind it and against the war. I do understand your anger too at the way some protestors conduct themselves. I'd be angry too if it were my place and people were creating a mess and committing crime, which obviously detracts from the message and is sad to hear.  I do hope you are open to the argument from the other point of view too. Without getting too long winded, capitalism is being challenged by the people that live within it. That means something's wrong. So what's wrong? Well the crux of the matter is simple. This is about corruption, greed and inequality, how the economy has been raped and how this imbalance has a direct effect on people, the environment and poverty. It's not just local to you, it's worldwide. People understand that their money is wasted, they understand how they are being lied to and they understand that millions of people die needless deaths every year.  They understand colonisation and corporate slavery and even the exploitation of the Asian workforce for commercial gain. Those supporting this movement will have varying agendas as to what their priority for change is, but everyone is agreed that the greed and corruption, at the top has to stop.

Over educated unemployed student?

My angle on fairness begins with assisting third world countries to the level we enjoy. To improve their infrastructure and to develop trade and relations. Nobody needs to die through lack of food. This simply does not need to happen. I live within a culture of consumerism and commercialism and by doing so I affect the lives of those in less fortunate countries. Ultimately, I allow people to die so that I can live the life that I do. My conscience asks, 'what can I do about it?' Give all my possessions away? But then my family would go hungry and would hate me and I’d achieve nothing. Volunteer for charity? I have done much of this over the years, along with millions of other thoughtful, caring people. That doesn't seem to make much difference or even scratch the surface either. In fact, there is more people living in poverty today than there was forty years ago. That's before all the popular charitable events and organised concerts and celebrity aid programmes even started.

Occupy Wall Street elderly department

How can that be?  I must educate myself and find out why. Oh right! Well shame on me and the rest of Western civilisation. We don't just let people die by turning our backs. We are also directly killing them too. Not just neglect. Manslaughter and murder. We've been raping other countries through our banks, corporations and governments ever since we could sail any distance and claiming their land and property. I feel ashamed that we as civilised people are allowing other people to die so needlessly. It is backward and unforgivable of us as intelligent beings. We do this, as a society, through various ways, indirectly like ignorance and neglect, and directly like stripping the assets from their lands, buying third world leaders, deception, assassination, war, sabotage, murder, conspiracy, propaganda, creating impossible debt, corporate theft, land ownership, slavery, manufacturing chaos (I could go on). All this before we can get into dumbing-down education or pharmaceuticals or Federal Reserve or CIA or religion or 9/11 or terrorism.  

84 year old lady, pepper sprayed by police at the Occupy Wall Street site.

Even prior to that, the rulers were doing this to their own people and actually, they still are and the wealth inequality gap is getting wider and wider and those who do work hard, even the two parent working families, are on benefits to supplement their wages? And you know what. I am as big a hypocrite as the rest . Otherwise, I'd live in a wigwam with my knitted clothes, eating vegetables, which I grew myself, out of a clay bowl that I created in my homemade kiln. But then, if I was and so were all the other supporters, you'd say, don't listen to these gypsies, hippy new age travellers or communist and blah, blah, blah.  But… we aren’t. We are capitalist questioning capitalism. Forget political persuasions and prejudices. This is social conscience, not socialism.

Occupy Madrid

You and I DO mean to stereotype you as the typical arrogant conservative capitalist, who because you're doing 'alright' cannot possibly understand anybody who does not. The type that will always find reason, not to dip their hand in their pocket to help a charitable cause! You, along with all the passives (people who don’t care enough or  who fear the law), the materialists (people that only care about themselves and  their image), the uneducated (people who just don’t understand) and the imbeciles (immature haters who write vile provocation on everything just to amuse themselves) are the true obstacles to change. And you my friend are at the absolute pinnacle (and I do hope you are just too blinded by your own smug bias and affluence and aren’t just an imbecile hater), because you are intelligent and you understand the issue. You are the worst because you self govern and even police, without the need for government intervention or direction. You are a bigger obstacle than getting the banks to assist the poor, because through pressure they could be prompted. Where as you are so set in your ways, it is nigh on impossible for you ever to see beyond your own narrow view on life.

Occupy London

Change, can't happen over night, so designer clothes and other corporate material are not going to just go away and besides which, that’s not what this is about. To be frank though, I certainly wouldn't miss many of them and I'd be much happier with 95% less commercialism surrounding me everyday AND for the money saved on advertising to go to the third world. I do believe profit is necessary and materials are fine. As long as we're in a monetary system that's what it’s all about. But there has to be a sensible limit to individual wealth, power and ownership. Life could change for the better but firstly millions of people (like yourself) need to believe and care about fairness. Denying this movement is harmful because it continues to see people dead, making a video against a movement challenging an unfair system, in order to eradicate greed is thoughtless and to stereotype the people who follow this movement, as being unemployed and over educated is false, narrow minded and misleading.

Occupy Milan

I'm on or alternatively, and I'm on twitter as @godfather_cwq. If you or anyone wants to discuss this I shall happily find time to reply to polite discussion.  I found your video through a comment made by an American, after watching Zeitgeist 1 and 2 on YouTube(see links). He was a young educated, American male who wasn't crude, ill-informed or bigoted and that gives me hope that the kids might actually alright. 

Occupy Seoul, Korea

And finally, just to assist you with your demographics further, I am 44 years old, a white, working middle class male, from England, married with 4 children. We are both employed. I’m in health, my wife is in education. We live in a semi-detached, drive a Honda Jazz and I’m writing this on my iPhone. (The parts, of which are assembled in China. Something we both should take that up with Apple because like thousands of other Western companies, it’s wrong, it hurts our economies AND that's your pocket, mate).

Saturday, 22 October 2011

I am not Stalin!!!

Hi. Ok, some people in my circles, who endure my nonsense have called me a socialist. Actually recently I was called a communist and Stalin. This is shocking to me but not unremarkable. I'm obviously none of these things. Oi! I'm not, right!

I look at life and think it either fits or it doesn't fit. If it doesn't fit I don't just moan. I will try to look at a solution and then verbalise it in layman's terms. Ok sometimes I slip up. If I was in power... I'd probably be corrupted and persuaded to take advantage of my situation... Just kidding... I wouldn't ...I'd heal the world... Yes thats the one.. I would!! Don't start!

I do understand why people would say these things about me though. I rant about greed and corruption and I believe Capitalism is a failed model, particularly the style of capitalism we have developed in the UK and especially the US. However, in my opinion, there are two reasons I've been getting labelled as a socialist.

Firstly, when they hear me speak of, anti-government, world poverty, sharing, fairness, corruption, greed etc., a light goes off in their heads and their programmed mind kicks in.  They quickly revert back to previous decades when the propaganda soundbites used by government and media to dismiss communism and totalitarianism. It's like a hypnotic state of mind hits them when certain keywords are used and it immediately induces thoughts of 'Communist', 'Stalin', 'Marx', 'Chairman Mao', 'lefty', 'socialist'. Keywords that have been left etched in people's minds deflect them away from any rational argument regarding, say, conquering corruption and instead directs them toward nonsensical labelling or name calling.

The other reason of course and regrettably more so, is sheer ignorance and laziness on their parts. The truth is the majority do not understand what these terms really mean anyway. They didn't go to college or University so were not opened up to social interaction on a political or intellectual level. They certainly cant be bothered or would ever conceive to read anything intelligible beyond a good, sci-fi, crime or horror novel. Let's be as stereotypical as the morons they are, their world doesn't get more important than football for the lads and XFactor for the girls. The big debates are more likely to be, which soap opera character is getting married is OR which footballer is in the news for having a 'wild party' OR who is appearing in the next "I'm a celebrity, Get me out of here!" They would never consider something like, 'Why do we endure this Eastern block version of capitalism with its overly controlling policies and how do we fight the corruption within, feeding off our tax money?'

Ok yes, I am sulking about it. I mean, c'mon 'Stalin'?! Me?? I'm trying to save people's lives, not execute them! This is truly reflective of today's society and the level of education out there. Just to spew out soundbites and try to pass it off as intelligently contributing but really not knowing what they are talking about. Argghhh!! Idiots-don't know-what-they're-talking-about-bastards. I know they are thinking of Karl Marx. Obviously it's Marx! Why I ought to shove a book down their throat. (Alex Jones rant!! What do you mean who? Arggghhhh!!!)

Sshh... breathe...Aaaahhhh...and rest.

To my mind, yesteryear the cold war was on sale aplenty especially in the US but back in the day, to all of  us Westerners and we bought it. This cloned belief, this passive, subliminal, unconscious scar prevents a serious message becoming actioned. People would rather grumble but do nothing actively, not to mention not even really care and ultimately put up with their circumstances. These same assholes are the ones that are self-governing against those who rock the status-quo, just in case we all start drinking vodka and start calling each other Vladimir and (think of a stereotypical female Russian name and insert here). Oh and of course these days the Communist threat has transformed into the Terrorist threat in order to play on people's fear.

The serious side to this topic though is that every 4 seconds a child dies from poverty and/or disease. A truly preventable death. We allow this and it doesn't touch us. Westerners do not understand, appreciate, care (pick one) about the connection. The sad truth is that other people's untimely death, particularly third world death is of no consequence to them. To others it may be a conscience cleanser for them, so that every 'Children in Need' or 'Red Nose Day' charity TV night, if they are at home to watch it, they'll contribute money. To others faced with a begging bowl it's an exercise in blame or excuses and any reason whatsoever not to do something to help change things. They are the people who say 'Charity begins at home' which is a perverse thing to say when you really consider it.  For me the majority of people are guilty of manslaughter through neglect, something a nurse would serve time for.

Socialist, Marxist, Communist, Fascist or Capitalist. I'm none of these things and sometimes on a micro level, all of these things. I simply want not only a fairer system of government in my country but the same throughout the world. I do not think of us and them. I think we're all in this together. Break down barriers, change mindsets, feed everybody and educate those with 'normalcy bias'. Lets not forget in a democratic 'nanny state' country with big government control measures the US for example has around 3.5million adults and 1.5million children homeless, realistically 15% unemployment and 45million people now consider below the poverty level. Tell people!

Oh and I have to be honest here, when I say them, they and the majority, I really mean You, Us and We. We are all to blame for the ills that happen in our world and it's mainly because we sit on our hands and don't even bother to pass on a message. 'What can I do?' Seriously? Minimum, if you read or see injustice, inequality, corruption, cruelty, brutality, bullying, intimidation, on any level, no matter how obscure or how well known, pass on the message and shout about it. Even if you get it wrong sometimes and someone corrects you. Try this on facebook and discover how many of your friends are interested, how many are aware and how many come back with moronic nonsense that I've discussed in this blog.

Don't let hatred rule our world. Don't allow politicians fill their pockets with your tax money. Don't allow soldiers to commit war crimes. Don't allow greedy bankers to pay themselves and their buddies through the hidden reserves. Don't allow pharmaceuticals make us dependent on pills. Don't allow police to assault people. Don't look on and observe other people's circumstantial misfortune. Expose it all in any way you can. If you read something interesting share it. Wake people up! In this way the majority become the minority and the hand that holds you down will become more apprehensive.

I was listening to a debate on the radio about Gaddafi... Gadhafi... Qadhafi. Oh just pick one. A man argued, ' Libya is free of him, let them get on with it, it's none of our business to be meddling in their lives'. At first I thought, 'yeah leave 'em alone, we have our own messes to sort out'. Shortly after though I shifted, 'If we don't help their people they may end up with another tyrant or military rule that allows their people to suffer'. But hold on, democracy is not a reality either and capitalism is corrupt and based on debt. Western powers will go in heavy handed and help hand pick a new leader only to serve their own interest not the peoples. So you see caring for people is tough and the solutions are not always straight forward.

Good luck holding off the keyword vultures :(

Ps. Does anyone know when "I'm a celebrity..." starts back up?